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Empowering Non Profits - Virtual Fundraising Solutions

We empower social profits by boosting online fundraising and improving live event strategies. Our services help maximize your fundraising potential and host impactful, inspiring events. Whether you need an on-call partner, a short-term contract, or a long-term collaboration, we’re an extension of your organization and cause.

Virtual Fundraising Solutions

We deliver outstanding results by executing virtual fundraising solutions like online auctions, raffles, and 50/50s, ensuring your nonprofit maximizes engagement and revenue.

In-Person Events

Fractional Event Management: Need planning help or coverage? Consider us an extension of your organization for galas, golf tournaments, and more. We're here as needed.

Empowering Non Profits - Virtual Fundraising Solutions
Tradeshow & Conferences

Tradeshow & Conferences

From seamless check-in processes to interactive networking platforms, we leverage innovative solutions to facilitate meaningful connections and drive attendee satisfaction. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the event aligns with our clients’ objectives, resulting in impactful and memorable gatherings that leave a lasting impression.

Business Matchmaking

Easily allows exhibitors and prospects to schedule meetings BEFORE, during and after an event, resulting in greater ROI and engagement!


Enables your exhibitors to track new opportunities and follow-up by simply scanning badges via smart phone, tablet or our lead scanning tool.

Simply Connected Networking Excellence!

We prioritize “Face-to-Face” networking for memorable experiences, customizing each event with cutting-edge tech, particularly advantageous for introverts, turning mundane gatherings into captivating experiences!

Quality Face-to-Face Interaction

Experience meaningful networking through genuine face-to-face connections, fostering lasting relationships and opportunities that virtual interactions can't replicate (ok, we might entertain the odd virtual event)

Innovative Networking Solutions

Benefit from our innovative technology designed to enhance networking experiences, particularly valuable for introverts, making events engaging and enjoyable for all attendees.

Simply Connected Networking Series

Simply Fun.. Social EventsCOMMUNITY INSPIRED

Throughout our journey, Event Checkin has proudly supported various causes, including initiatives addressing youth hunger, cancer, and senior welfare, among others. With each event, we commit to supporting at least one special charity. From galas to in-person fundraisers, conferences, and beyond, we offer a diverse range of experiences. 

Sample of Specialized Events

Men's leadership & Wellness, Food and alcohol tastings, Themed Fundraisers, Climate Change awareness, Nonprofit Summits, Ladies' Nights, and more!

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Community Inspired Social Events & Galas

Professional (never cheesy..) DJ Services

Renowned for delivering top-notch tunes, we’ve become the go-to choice for a wide array of events, ranging from corporate gatherings to weddings, galas, fundraisers, and beyond. Our founder’s dedication to curating exceptional musical experiences has propelled us to the forefront of the industry, earning us a reputation for excellence and professionalism. With an extensive repertoire and a knack for setting the perfect mood, Event Checkin continues to elevate events and leave lasting impressions on clients and guests alike.  We also provide photo booths and video services.

Events we love to DJ!

Corporate gatherings, weddings, fundraisers, golf tournaments, social events, grand openings, open houses, and beyond. We killed the chicken dance, but it comes back to haunt us at times....

We can also provide:

Interactive Photo Booths, Photography, Videography, and Audio/Video Services, engaging & interactive registration services.

Need help with yourevent or fundraiser?

We’ll help identify the most suitable event type and format for your organization—remember, what works for one organization may not work for another. Additionally, we’ll address any technological concerns, staffing needs, and outline our comprehensive support throughout the planning process. You don’t need to face event planning alone—partner with Event Checkin for personalized guidance and expertise.

Cost Effective!

As a fractional event planning company, we provide cost-effective alternatives to hiring full-time event planners or managing events internally. Pay for event services only when needed, minimizing your overhead expenses.

Expertise & Flexibility

As fractional event planners, we offer expertise and adaptability to suit your event needs. With specialized skills across various events and fundraising, and the latest event technologies, we ensure success while you focus on essential tasks.

Help with Event Management

Questions?  We are happy to help!

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